Join me September 12-14, 2018 in Asheville, NC and discover the exact steps to take to get out of your own way and create the business success you deserve…

UplevelLIVE is a three-day immersion experience based in a powerful premise…that your business outcomes (your income, your team, your clients, and your levels of joy and fulfillment) have nothing to do with working harder or struggling.

Instead, your results are directly related to TWO CORE AREAS: First, your inner energy systems (how you think, how clear you are, your vision, intention and purpose). And second, your outer strategy (your marketing, your sales sequence, your products and services).

Your ability to master these two levels creates your outcomes (or lack thereof).

Once you master both your energy AND your strategy? That’s called Upleveling!

So to shift your results, during our three days together you’ll move through a transformational process, immersed in both the inner and outer levels of your business. You will experience a profound shift that will allow you to get out of your own way, create a clear do-able strategy, and dramatically transform your business outcomes. This is a life-changing retreat that will help you make a lot more money, get many more customers and clients – and experience the remarkable freedom and confidence that come when you build your business on a unbeatable foundation.

Jill Kohlenberg

When I went to the retreat last year, I was holding my own, but still barely scraping by. Just being at the retreat was magic because it was 3 days of being completely immersed in my business! But I got really lucky…I was chosen to get coached on stage! Christine coached me on pricing. I now have TWO clients investing to work with me for 3 months…and they’ve committed for the year! My practice is almost full, and I am on track to be a $50,000/yr business in the next 2 months. The retreat reignited the magic and the possibility of what I want my business to be, and I’m just getting started!”

Jill Kohlenberg
Nozomi Morgan

This has been one of the best investments I have made for my business! I’ve followed what Christine has taught – I’ve been invited to speak at events and made 5 figure sales in the first two months of the year.

Nozomi Morgan
Ana Neff

Within weeks of the event, I finally created the amazing group program had been wanting to do for months, raised my prices, and I got 11 new clients who happily paid my Upleveled prices for my very own proprietary program (yay!). I implemented a few tweaks and my list has grown 300% since then too.

Ana Neff Owner, Ana Verzone

I got so much information that I was able to apply to my business that I can’t even tell you, I still get goose bumps.  I went from doing classes that were pretty relatively cheap to charging more for one-on-one mentorship programs and in one week, I made $4,600 – that was actually huge because I hadn’t done that before.  A lot of intuitives and healers think that they are not supposed to make any money. Being able to help people and create packages has really significantly increased how I go about doing my business.  I continuously see huge return on my investments and I have more clients now than ever. If I could recommend Christine Kane to anyone, I would.  I definitely have to All of my friends!

Gina Spriggs

Here’s what you’ll get during our three days together…

NOTE: UplevelLIVE is a small retreat in an intimate setting, so you’ll literally be DOING what you learn on the spot. (You know, all that clarity and systems stuff you should do but never actually do? That’s what you’ll be diving into.) UplevelLIVE is NOT hours upon hours of experts droning on about concepts that sound cool but you never do anything about. This is ultra-clarity, big aha’s…and then applying what you’re learning right then and there to your business – while getting in-the-room access to me and my team of coaches.

You’ll discover:

  • secrets to discovering your core marketing messages (never again be at a loss for what to write)
  • how to become an “anchor” to your ideal client
  • how to identify the unique value that you currently (and unintentionally) give away for free – and how to start getting paid for it
  • the four-point matrix that creates an inner “pattern” of unstoppable confidence (over and over again)
  • how to build your business around your SuperPower™ (most people get this wrong)
  • how to uncover your core beliefs about money (that either attract wealth or leave you struggling)
  • strategic clarity on what exactly makes your ideal client “click” – and how to break through the noise to reach that person
  • the Abundance Matrix formula – and how you unconsciously impact your income results (and how to transform your relationship to prosperity!)
  • how to get out of the “life purpose” trap and operate from life “callings” instead
  • how to reverse-engineer your 2018 income goal into a do-able gameplan (plus, you’ll map out the exact steps for accountable success!)
  • an elevator speech formula that will finally eliminate the smarmy feeling you get every time you try to come up with your elevator speech
  • how to build your 2018 vision from a Triple-A core of Abundance, Authenticity and Alignment (No more “play big or go home!” – or, for that matter, any of the other scary guru shit that never really seems to pan out for anyone but the ridiculously driven, or certifiably insane.)
  • a new time-management matrix that teaches, not only how to prioritize, but how to THINK ABOUT your time
  • how to structure your business model to streamline your marketing, sales and income into a repeatable and predictable process
  • how to master sales conversations so that you overcome objections, break through doubts and convert your ideal clients over and over again. (I’ll show you how to do this authentically!)
  • How to break free from the out-dated ‘time management’ model, and operate instead from the 5 Energies of the Entrepreneur to manage your focus and priorities.

Even though I always loved my work, I am taking it to places I used to just dream about. The retreat was like a great big door that opened for me.  The energy that was generated at the retreat was so powerful, I felt like the quintessential cruise ship of golden dreams and I’d been launched. You start thinking differently, talking differently, coming from a place of abundance instead of a mindset of scarcity (one of my biggest changes), and it all feels so right, I wonder where I’ve been all these years and what on earth was I thinking? I Upleveled my prices. I am now making more and working less, and have more time to move forward with my online presence, publishing my music, writing more music. I have new eyes, thanks to the retreat. I love what I do. I love this journey with Uplevel and Christine. My path has changed for the better and even though I always loved my work, I am taking it forward to places I used to just dream about.

Bronwyn Edwards

Prior to coming to the retreat I was at a crossroads. I had just turned 60 and I was approaching my 10 yr business anniversary. I was unclear what I wanted for the next ten years. I felt overwhelmed, chaotic and stuck. I found inspiration, direction, tools to gain clarity, set goals, and create action steps. Most importantly I found supportive people who believed in the future of my dreams. I got excited about possibility and the next ten years. I now have systems in place. My Brain Energy is freed and I feel empowered and organized. I faced my fear of money. I now have a website that reflects who I am becoming and is easier for me to update. I am creating packages and sold my first within 1 month of the retreat at $2100.00!! I am managing my energy, my finances, and my productivity more efficiently.

Debbie Jackson, RN, CHTP,CMT,RYT

Ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere! Before the retreat, my businesses were tiny. My jewelry business was hardly more than a hobby, and my consultancy existed in name only. Since then, my jewelry business no longer operates out of my spare bedroom – I have a proper studio. I’ve already met my goal of increasing the number of retail outlets that carry my designs. I’d stopped paying attention to my consultancy business – but then as my confidence began to grow, ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere. Since June, I have earned over $13,000 with work that I can easily do in addition to my creative business. I can honestly say that since the retreat, I’ve been happier than I can ever remember being and my relationships with my husband and my friends have just blossomed. Plus, of course, I have a whole new set of wonderful, creative and supportive friends.

Mary Duggan


We have an expression here in Asheville. We call it “The Magic of the Mountains.” The mountains in Asheville are known to be the oldest in the world.  Whether you want to believe it or not, there are lots of “spirits” here – and lots of wisdom all around.  This is why my Uplevel Academy masterminders love coming here.  Shifts happen in this place that simply DO NOT happen anywhere else. Asheville is magic. We’re famous for the Uplevel Vortex we create in the room at my retreats.  UplevelLIVE will be no exception.

Sorry. UplevelLIVE 2018 is sold out…

Now, if you still want to come, here’s what to do:

  1. Set an intention that you will be in that room when we begin on September
  2. Enter your name, email address and phone number below.
  3. My team will put you on the waiting list.
  4. If any of the participants have to forfeit their seat for whatever reason, we will let you know via email.


There’s a deposit required to hold your seat at Uplevel LIVE!.  This deposit will be refunded to you the minute you walk in the door at LIVE!.   I do this because I’m not interested in toe-dippers and those who are mentally addicted to “maybe.”  I want a roomful of people who are “IN!”  That’s part of the magic we create at this retreat. (Plus, think about it.  This is my GIFT to you, a free ticket.  There’s a lot of planning  and extensive arrangements for a retreat. So, we need to be sure that you’re, you know, actually coming. )

So, here’s how it works.  To claim your seat and set your intention in motion (I kid you not…things start happening the minute you make this deposit!)… put down your deposit today.  If you have to cancel before the retreat, you have  5 days from date of reservation to let us know and get your money back. (This gives you time to get your travel plans lined up.)  After that, this deposit is ONLY refunded once you show up at UplevelLIVE!.

Frequently Asked Questions…

How will UplevelLIVE be different from the Fast Track Formula program?

UplevelLIVE is where the rubber meets the road, or your STRATEGY meets the SOUL.  During our three days together, we dive into your systems of marketing and selling (and much more) – with a deep focus on how your energy impacts the strategy behind each of these areas of business.  It’s a radically different experience, made even more powerful by the foundation you’ve created so far in Uplevel Your Business.

Also, I meticulously design UplevelLIVE to create a safe space, a powerful environment and Upleveled experience — where you get to do the work and be guided by me and my team of coaches.  Quite simply, you can’t get the same results when you are at home, sitting at your laptop, by yourself, surrounded by the world you’ve created with your current mindset.   Being at UplevelLIVE in person, getting focused, mapping out a game plan for your year – it’s the icing on the UYB cake!

What if I haven’t completed all of the materials of the Fast Track Formula program when I show up? Will I be behind?

No. Not even a little bit.  (And it sounds like your inner perfectionist is trying to hold you back from a huge opportunity to Uplevel!)

That said, UpevelLIVE is designed to meet you where you and your business exactly are as you enter the room.  We are ALL works in progress. You will leave the UplevelLIVE a changed person regardless of your progress so far in the UYB program.

Is the hotel included in my ticket?  What about meals?

Remember, this is a free ticket to UplevelLIVE.  So, you will be responsible for your lodging and food.  We have a room block reserved at a very discounted room rate.

You’ll get all of that detailed information when you sign up.  Also – each day is laid out with plenty of time for meals and connection, and there are restaurants all around our event space, too!

What if I don’t have a business yet or if I’m just getting started? Will I feel left out during the exercises?

If you’re just getting started, it’s the perfect time to get clear about the core strategic elements of your business.  (In fact, some of the veteran business owners might express envy that you are getting this clarity so early on! They wish they had done this when they were starting out!)   In other words, these three days will shave years off of your learning curve!

Plus, you’ll create new connections with positive, like-minded entrepreneurs who will become your support system and sounding board for years. Most entrepreneurs don’t have this level of support in their lives, and end up seeking it from random friends and family members who simply do not have the ability to understand the unique challenges involved in growing a business.  When you’re in this room, you’ll feel like you’ve “come home.”

What if I’m broke?

Learning how to make money is a fantastic, revealing and wild journey.  I love money. I love teaching people how to make money and how to stay centered and in a relationship with money, as they build their businesses and experience new levels of wealth.

However, money is a highly charged energy in our culture.  It’s not just about the cash. It’s about the mindset, the shame, the self-worth and the ability to hold your power as you navigate the ups and downs of cashflow, income, and profit.

That said, if you are broke, then you may still be in the beginning phases of understanding your relationship to money.   So, my answer to this question might differ from the answers you would get from a lot of the business coach guru types out there. Those guys will tell you to max out your credit card, go into debt and sell your body to come to their events because they’ll tell you that theirs is the only way you’ll ever learn how to make money…

Well, they’re assholes to say that.

Here’s the thing.  If you’re so broke that a free ticket to UplevelLIVE makes you stressed out?  Then you shouldn’t come.  Take every lesson from Uplevel Your Business and use it. Apply it and work the program.  Build your wealth.  And then, if you still feel that I am the best teacher for you?  Great!  Join me at that time.  But if you’re sitting in the room at UplevelLIVE, and you’re learning all these great strategies that could really help you but your brain is in crazy high-stress mode… then it won’t serve you.

What if my spouse is suspicious of this retreat – and is accusing me of “drinking the Kool-Aid”?

Many business owners are dealing with a seemingly impossible situation:

Their spouse or partner thinks they’re freakin’ nuts.

So, let’s start by having a little compassion. (After all, you ARE just a little nuts, aren’t you? :))

So, I always suggest a very simple solution:

Have a conversation with your partner, and let her/him know why you think this could work for you. Get clear on what you most need right now, and share this.

Often, our partners simply want to be communicated with.

The truth is… business owners feel isolated and yes, like they are completely crazy. Plus you probably don’t have much support. Your partner is probably just trying to protect you because s/he loves you. Have a conversation about this. And see if you can ask for the support you need as you join me at UplevelLIVE.  Then, keep her/him posted on what you are learning each day and how you are planning on applying it. This will help your partner understand that you are truly taking this seriously…perhaps for the very first time!