Debbie Jackson, RN, CHTP,CMT,RYT

Prior to coming to the retreat I was at a crossroads. I had just turned 60 and I was approaching my 10 yr business anniversary. I was unclear what I wanted for the next ten years. I felt overwhelmed, chaotic and stuck. I found inspiration, direction, tools to gain clarity, set goals, and create action steps. Most importantly I found supportive people who believed in the future of my dreams. I got excited about possibility and the next ten years. I now have systems in place. My Brain Energy is freed and I feel empowered and organized. I faced my fear of money.

I now have a website that reflects who I am becoming and is easier for me to update. I am creating packages and sold my first within 1 month of the retreat at $2100.00!! I am managing my energy, my finances, and my productivity more efficiently.

info@uplevelyou.comDebbie Jackson, RN, CHTP,CMT,RYT