Mary Duggan

Ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere!

Before the retreat, my businesses were tiny. My jewelry business was hardly more than a hobby, and my consultancy existed in name only. Since then, my jewelry business no longer operates out of my spare bedroom – I have a proper studio. I’ve already met my goal of increasing the number of retail outlets that carry my designs. I’d stopped paying attention to my consultancy business – but then as my confidence began to grow, ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere. Since June, I have earned over $13,000 with work that I can easily do in addition to my creative business.

I can honestly say that since the retreat, I’ve been happier than I can ever remember being and my relationships with my husband and my friends have just blossomed. Plus, of course, I have a whole new set of wonderful, creative and supportive friends.

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