Gina Spriggs

I got so much information that I was able to apply to my business that I can’t even tell you, I still get goose bumps.  I went from doing classes that were pretty relatively cheap to charging more for one-on-one mentorship programs and in one week, I made $4,600 – that was actually huge because I hadn’t done that before.  A lot of intuitives and healers think that they are not supposed to make any money.

Being able to help people and create packages has really significantly increased how I go about doing my business.  I continuously see huge return on my investments and I have more clients now than ever. If I could recommend Christine Kane to anyone, I would.  I definitely have to All of my friends!

info@uplevelyou.comGina Spriggs
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Jill Kohlenberg

When I went to the retreat last year, I was holding my own, but still barely scraping by. Just being at the retreat was magic because it was 3 days of being completely immersed in my business! But I got really lucky…I was chosen to get coached on stage! Christine coached me on pricing. I now have TWO clients investing to work with me for 3 months…and they’ve committed for the year!

My practice is almost full, and I am on track to be a $50,000/yr business in the next 2 months. The retreat reignited the magic and the possibility of what I want my business to be, and I’m just getting started!”

info@uplevelyou.comJill Kohlenberg
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Ana Neff

Within weeks of the event, I finally created the amazing group program had been wanting to do for months, raised my prices, and I got 11 new clients who happily paid my Upleveled prices for my very own proprietary program (yay!). I implemented a few tweaks and my list has grown 300% since then too.

info@uplevelyou.comAna Neff
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