Mary Duggan

Ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere!

Before the retreat, my businesses were tiny. My jewelry business was hardly more than a hobby, and my consultancy existed in name only. Since then, my jewelry business no longer operates out of my spare bedroom – I have a proper studio. I’ve already met my goal of increasing the number of retail outlets that carry my designs. I’d stopped paying attention to my consultancy business – but then as my confidence began to grow, ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere. Since June, I have earned over $13,000 with work that I can easily do in addition to my creative business.

I can honestly say that since the retreat, I’ve been happier than I can ever remember being and my relationships with my husband and my friends have just blossomed. Plus, of course, I have a whole new set of wonderful, creative and supportive friends.

info@uplevelyou.comMary Duggan
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Debbie Jackson, RN, CHTP,CMT,RYT

Prior to coming to the retreat I was at a crossroads. I had just turned 60 and I was approaching my 10 yr business anniversary. I was unclear what I wanted for the next ten years. I felt overwhelmed, chaotic and stuck. I found inspiration, direction, tools to gain clarity, set goals, and create action steps. Most importantly I found supportive people who believed in the future of my dreams. I got excited about possibility and the next ten years. I now have systems in place. My Brain Energy is freed and I feel empowered and organized. I faced my fear of money.

I now have a website that reflects who I am becoming and is easier for me to update. I am creating packages and sold my first within 1 month of the retreat at $2100.00!! I am managing my energy, my finances, and my productivity more efficiently.

info@uplevelyou.comDebbie Jackson, RN, CHTP,CMT,RYT
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Bronwyn Edwards

Even though I always loved my work, I am taking it to places I used to just dream about. The retreat was like a great big door that opened for me.  The energy that was generated at the retreat was so powerful, I felt like the quintessential cruise ship of golden dreams and I’d been launched. You start thinking differently, talking differently, coming from a place of abundance instead of a mindset of scarcity (one of my biggest changes), and it all feels so right, I wonder where I’ve been all these years and what on earth was I thinking?

I Upleveled my prices. I am now making more and working less, and have more time to move forward with my online presence, publishing my music, writing more music. I have new eyes, thanks to the retreat. I love what I do. I love this journey with Uplevel and Christine. My path has changed for the better and even though I always loved my work, I am taking it forward to places I used to just dream about.

info@uplevelyou.comBronwyn Edwards
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